Shenzhen Redsun Yijia New Energy Co., Ltd.

01 7.2v DW9057

01 9.6V DE9062

01 12v DC9071

01 14.4v DC9091

01 18v DC9096

02 12v DCB120

02 14.4V DCB140

02 18V DCB180

02 20V DCB200

01 9.6v BAT048

01 12v BAT043

01 14.4v BAT140

01 18V BAT160

02 10.8v BAT411

02 12V BAT610G b

02 14.4V BAT610G a

02 18V BAT610G a

01 7.2V 7000

01 9.6V 9100

12V 3.0Ah NIMH Replacement Battery for Makita

01 14.4V 1420

01 18V 1822

02 10.8v BL1013

02 14.4V BL1430

02 18V BL1830

LiBatter 2 pack 12v 6000mAh Replacement Battery for Milwaukee

LiBatter 20V MAX 5.0Ah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery for DeWalt

LiBatter 20V MAX 6.0Ah Lithium Ion Premium Battery for DEWALT

Company profile

Shenzhen Redsun Yijia New Energy Co., LTD Found in 2008 located l in Shenzhen China.It is a newly innovated manufacturer that combines research and development, produ-ction and sales line as a whole unite. Therefore we have absolutely advantages forquality, price, and delivery time, as well as after sell service.From the very beginning our mission is “ Go Green” to provide our supplies withEco-friendly products and to protect our next generation to have a safe and cleanenvironment.To meet the ever high standard demand of the market, our manufacturer has been alwaysremembered and st… More
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